LIVE Work from home Mompreneur Workshops

Monthly Workshop Series to build a solid community in the Inland Empire of Mompreneur with home based business or careers.  We are women empowering each other to build stronger, happier Mompreneurs that make stronger families and stronger women owned businesses  that ultimately make better communities and environments for our children to grow up and play in.

We are serious mothers and professionals that value our time and know that having other women in our community for support is pertinent in our success as mothers and business owners. We think BIG but start small!

Come have some fun and laugh with us as we build friendships and  a community of Mompreners that are using positive methods to build lives we enjoy.

Please note that there are limited seats. So, RSVP if you can. Same day entry will only take place if seats are available.

General Workshop Outline:

  1. Introductions- One proud moment statement
  2. General Rules on privacy and safety
  3. Story Time on Topic of the Month (This is the best method to learn.)
  4.  Activity/ Networking
  5. “working” Lunch- Mommy talk
  6. Techniques/Tools/ Methods (at least 3 per workshop) on how to harmonize family and business by putting Family first (Bring your latest situation or challenge with harmonizing family and business)
  7. some other fun surprises 😉

Times are always: 9 am-1 pm:

Each month is new topic. One Saturday and One Wednesday per month

May Topic: Mom’s and Mental Health

  • May 16, 2018 (Wednesday)  Making time in your schedule for yourself
  • May 19, 2018 (Saturday) Work from home Isolation Issues

June Topic: Safety Plans: School Shootings Happen Prepare your Family and Business

  • June 9, 2018 (Saturday)  Emergency Safety Plans-You don’t know when but you know emergencies happen. Plan for them!
  • June 20, 2018 (Wednesday) Family Emotional Safety Plan- Know how to tell when your family is “paying” the cost for your business

July Topic: Independence- Important for you, your family and business

  • July 14, 2018 (Saturday) Mom Independence- Tips on how to raise responsible children that allow you to grow your business
  • July 25, 2018 (Wednesday) Celebrating your business independence (No matter how small)

Place: Hyatt Place Riverside/ Downtown

Cost: Current Sonfluence clients are Free, but please send me an email to sign up.  Payments made online and at least 48 hours from the attendance date are $35 per workshop.

Sign me Up!

Payments within 48 hours  but not on day of the workshop are $45

Can I still get in!

and at the door charges are $50

All participants are allowed on a first come first serve basis until all seats are filled. Sorry no refunds.

Provided: Coffee, lunch and parking provided. (Please inquire about booking a room at the hotel.  We have discounted rates with complimentary breakfast. Great for those “date’ night situations. 😉 )

How to dress: Casual but presentable. Yoga, sweat pants and jeans are encouraged. If want to impress for networking, business casual will be fine. Wear comfy shoes.

What to bring: A sweater or blanket room temp varies. Also, special food if you know your diet is limited. I will supply pens, paper and other activity needs. (Note: If 1×1 client, please bring your Sonfluence Mompreneur notebooks.)

Still want more information? Keep Reading.

Stressed out work from home Mompreneur? Being pulled in too many directions? Struggling financially and emotionally? 

Discover how to go from overwhelmed and broke to successfully raising a family with less stress while making more business income.

These workshops are for working Moms that are…

  • stressed out, pulled in too many directions and know there has got to be a better way
  • working from home with kids; however, the business and families are struggling financially or emotionally
  • building a home business and raising families from a “home office” and need more ideas on how to make it “flow” better
  • wanting to learn how to put Family First and have a success small business


  • Learn small actions steps you can implement today that can give bring you less stress, more money and/or more time with your family
  • Hear and Network with other Mompreneurs  FACE-TO-FACE building personal and professional relationships (You don’t have to do it alone! Isolation is a choice.)

Still on sure the workshop is for you? To learn more and set up your individualized Free 30-min Mompreneur Guiltfree Empowerment Session and let me answer all your  questions. Hey, you are a busy Mom, even if the workshops are not for you, you should learn something valuable during our conversation. 😉

Set up your Free call here I want to Know more!

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