What you get: 

Individualized attention 

  • Two: 2-hour calls (Skype, in person) per month, usually two weeks apart (However, can be broken up or combined, as needed)
  • 5 min live or video morning routine- weekly
  • Email support between calls
  • Small simple day to day exercises (less than five minutes total) that are life changing. Also, get the science research behind why the exercises work.
  • Between calls build an individualized Family-Business Plan, to make life easier in as little as 30-minutes a week. You decide when!
  • Bonus: On free 4-hour in-home evaluation  (Value: $1000.00)
  • And more, much more!


  • Set up individualized systems, processes and checklists that allow the you to know exactly where, what and how you should be doing things and thus take away some stress and uncertainty.
  • Set up “red flag” warnings and safety nets to ensure the most important things to are getting completed. This is done in simple steps that are implemented one at a time until they are habits (your speed) and by developing forecast plans.
  • Determine how you want to harmonize your family and business. Then get started doing it.
  • No worries about losing items- everything is in a binder you can pull out and know exactly what you want to get for the day, week or month at a glance!
  • Hand holding through the “rough” spots
  • Cheer-leading through the successes!


If you work the program exactly as instructed and give your all in 90-days you should found you have

  • Reduced stress,
  • increase efficiency (able to do more in less time) 
  • “find” more time for family and yourself,
  • Start ensuring daily that your business works around family needs,
  • Have a plan in place to make (or have) more money
  • start enjoying the journey of being a Momprenuer

Becoming Mompreneur D.I.V.A.S.

  • Destination- A  personalized “map” to show you how to get from dreaming to achieving. Become the Mom and Businesswoman you desire to be.
  • Intentional- Learn to use your dreams to develop systems, making certain duties habit.
  • Value- Know your essential values and how values must change as your children and business grow.
  • Accomplish- Implement small changes day to day that allow you to focus more on what works. Allowing you to carve out more time to spend with family and your business, making more money.
  • Stay on track- Develop Safety plans and Plan B’s to ensure you don’t get knocked off course. Be proactive instead of reactive.

Note: This program is individualized so results very. Some Moms get all they need in 90-days, some “repeat” the program to feel more secure and some decide to progress to the year long VIP program to really get the special attention.

To learn more set up your individualized Free 30-min Mompreneur Guiltfree Empowerment Session to get you started and find out if this program is for you. Hey, you are a Mom and busy. Even if the program is not for you, you will learn something during the call. 😉

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