Tina K.
Scientific Technical Writer
"I am very pleased with Tonya’s services and am happy to recommend Sonfluence to anyone who needs mentoring and guidance. She is one of the most positive, energetic, and motivational people I know. Through her guidance, I have become more efficient and effective in my professional career, while focusing more on my family's needs, including an aging parent. She encourages me when I don’t think I could make things work, and always does so with a cheery personality. With the help of Sonfluence, I now have more balance in my life, I have more happy days and am accomplishing more than I thought I would be able to do."
L. Chow
Owner, L. Chow, LLC
"Tonya is a wonderfully positive person who will motivate you in many ways to try new things and make yourself a better person."
Latrice B.
Owner, Styles By Latrice
"As a single mom, work from home stylist, full time office job (for support), working my way through school and wanting to give more to my family, I know the importance of managing time and having mentors like Tonya. Her positivity and ability to understand, because she has been there, have been an asset to me when I need support and guidance. Tonya practices what she teaches and her life is an example of “If I can do it, you can do it, too.” It is not easy but finding the time to do what I need to give my family a better life, is worth it."
adrienne M.
Owner, BLA Inc.
"As a struggling “do-it-all-myself” work from home entrepreneur and single mom, I am glad for mentors like Tonya. Her time management and mentoring program gives moms simple and practicable tools to find time to accomplish your most important tasks; raising kids and building a business. Tonya’s positive (yet firm) support and science backed methods to learning are small but powerful. She creates no fail processes for you. You learn at your own pace and build on new skills slowly. And at the same time, she gives you easy tools, like forms or checklists that help reduce stress and keep you on track. If you are like me, have had mommy guilt while working and working guilt while sending time with your family, let Tonya put a plan together for you. Then you can get it done, have a plan for what needs to get done next and live a life a life with less mommy guilt."

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