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ETC Women's Networking

How does a Scientist with over 25 years of experience move into the space of becoming the CEO of her own company, helping Mompreneurs??? Tonya Moore is a Woman on a Mission! She takes the latest research and puts it into simple individualized systems and processes that work-from-home Mompreneurs can implement to become more efficient and financially solid, which leads to less stress, more time with the family and more money!

Inland Empire Women's Business Center

Being a mompreneur is more than just work/life balance. It takes organization, management and a serious commitment.

Join scientist and mompreneur facilitator Tonya Moore for her cutting edge style workshop, Empowering Entrepreneurs:
3 Simple Steps to Avoid Burnout.” how to balance a thriving business with a family.

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ETC Women's Networking

ETC’s Valued sponsor and speaker for October 2018. 



Let's Get Tender:
Money Conversations That Matter with Marlene Elizabeth

Being a Mamapreneur definitely has its rewards… and challenges. In today’s episode, you’ll meet Mompreneur Mentor & Scientist Tonya Moore who understands that Mommy’s time is priceless and that managing our minutes and our money is an essential business skill. You’ll hear her share beautiful, wise insights on value, and self-worth, positive money-mantras, and her unique scientific perspective on acquiring wealth while putting family first. Get ready for a tender money conversation on what it takes to raise a business!

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